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Tuesday 22 April 2014

RSS FEEDBURNER via email and rss step by step

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Email Subscriptions with Feedburner

Feed Management
On the next step, hit the option Skip directly to feed management.
At this stage you’ll get tons of options to manage your feed. However, for this case you should go to Publicize → Email Subscriptions.
The service will be inactive by default so hit the ACTIVATE button;

You’ll then see a page with a code you’ll be able to copy for your widget, but first you must select a language for your subscription box;
Once you define this, you can go back to your blog’s dashboard.

Adding the subscription form
Go to Appearance → Widgets and add the Subscribe Form widget to your blog’s sidebar or widgetized footer.
In the Feedburner Feed Address field enter only your feedname (e.g. modernistdemo), as it is defined on Feedburner

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