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Friday 1 August 2014

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Project Hosting Sites

1. SourceForge The "mother lode" for open source projects, SourceForge hosts nearly 280,000 projects (at last count). It serves more than 2 million downloads a day and includes apps and tools in a wide variety of categories.
2. GitHub
GitHub hosts both public and private projects that use the open source Git version control system. This "social coding" site currently hosts more than 1.7 million repositories, including many open source projects.
3. Google Code
Google offers free hosting for open source projects using the Subversion or Mercurial version control systems. It offers 2 GB of storage, integrated code review tools, a wiki, and an issue tracker. The Google Code site also provides links to Google's many publicly available APIs and other developer tools.
4. Eclipse Labs
Also hosted by Google Code, Eclipse Labs is a searchable repository of projects built on the Eclipse platform. Note that these are not official Eclipse Foundation projects.
5. BitBucket
Like GitHub, BitBucket hosts both public and private projects. On this site, open source projects and private projects with fewer than five users are free. It hosts more than 48,000 repositories, many of which are searchable on the site.
6. LaunchPad
Maintained by Canonical, LaunchPad is particularly targeted at projects that run on Ubuntu. It provides hosting for more than 21,000 projects that use the Bazaar version control system.
7. Codehaus
Codehaus describes itself as "a collaborative software development environment for projects with opensource (but business friendly) licences." In order to be hosted on the site, projects must pass muster with a review board which determines whether they meet the criteria laid out in the site's manifesto.
8. RubyForge
As you might guess from the name, RubyForge hosts open source projects written with the Ruby programming language. It currently serves as a home to more than 9,000 projects.
9. Tigris
Unlike many of the more general project hosting sites, Tigris has a very narrow focus: "building better tools for collaborative software development." It includes nearly 700 projects of particular interest to developers.
10. BerliOS Developer
Home to more than 4,600 projects, BerliOS offers free hosting for open source projects of all types. Note that although it has a German Web address, the site is available in a number of languages, including English.


Textpattern is a nice choice for a text-heavy site with, for example, lots of tutorials, detailed product information, announcements, press releases or a CEO blog full of deep thoughts. You can easily post and organize images as well.
Textpattern uses a Web-based administration console and includes slick tools like a plain text-to-Web-page converter, human-readable clean URLs (which are also search engine optimization-friendly, very flexible organization and categorization, and nice control of reader comments. Writing and editing new content is fast and intuitive, and its layout controls don't drive you crazy -- you can actually make your pages and articles look the way you want without a fight.


DotClear, like Textpattern, is friendly to writers and editors with easy formatting, editing and layout tools that don't get in your way. It offers modules for importing your content from other blogs and nice multi-media management.
Better yet, it includes features not present in most other site builders: accessibility for Braille displays and screen readers. Don't forget your vision-impaired or keyboard/mouse-impaired customers, because their money spends exactly the same as everyone else's, and even in this modern 21st century they're still overlooked by most businesses.

Plone doesn't get much buzz, which is surprising for such an excellent, elegant site builder. It is known for its polish, speed and user-friendliness. It has superior editing tools, excellent search and indexing and painless upgrades.
It renders pages correctly in all Web browsers, even the ancient Internet Explore 6, which still holds about 10 percent market share. Wordpress and Drupal use database backends, which has some advantages but at the cost of greater complexity. Plone stores binary files and file data in the filesystem, and is very efficient in terms of server speed and storage.
Plone's one downside is complexity, which is hard to avoid with a fully-featured content management system (CMS), so the initial setup is more work than Wordpress. After the initial setup, it's fairly painless to administer with a nicely-organized administration interface.



 best site for open source


Top 10 Open Source PHP Scripts for Social Networking

1. Elgg

Elgg is an open source php social networking script which can be used to power your social network. It is my favorite too. Easy to use, code, edit and very flexible. It provides individuals and organizations with the components needed to create an online social environment. It has won the award for Best open source social networking platform in the year 2008 Elgg offers a variety of features including blog, community, collection of news by using feeds aggregation , file sharing and much more. The two mainstream versions are 1.7x and 1.8x are used by many growing sites. It’s one of the unique feature is the use of widgets on dashboard and profile pages. With the core plugins available in first installation, you stand nowhere, thus please be patient and visit the elgg community. The free plugins are really good, but themes lack somewhere. See versions to Download.

2. Dolphin

Dolphin is one of the most popular PHP Script to design a social environment bundled with many features and modules that you will need to search for in elgg. The good part of Dolphin lies in its mobile apps, already loaded media players, and many other social plugins. But it is not all that free. The Boonex will give its ads on your site’s footer, i.e. the script is not white-label. Moreover, many cases you would get on googling Dolphin comparisons with others, questioning its open source nature and the bugs. The big banner ads will surely annoy you. Demo

3. BuddyPress

BuddyPress, yet new in the field, is great for WordPress lovers. Of course my favorite number 2 (being a WP lover), is regarded as just a plugin in WP Extension directory. It gives a broad base with the good features intact in first installation and is made powerful with other plugins and extensions, thanks to the family of WP. But it too does not provide good themes for free amateurs like me. The unique feature I like for all WordPress power systems is its plugin, theme database on your dashboard only. Unlike other scripts, you need not visit again and again the software homepage for updates.

4. Oxwall




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