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Wednesday 20 August 2014

best slider jquery learning process creating SLIDER

download slider and develop full width image slider
best slider jquery search it on google.

Triple Panel Image Slider

14.jquery-image-and-content-slider-pluginDemo | Source

Rotating Image Slider

17.jquery-image-and-content-slider-pluginDemo | Source

3D Wall Gallery

18.jquery-image-and-content-slider-pluginDemo | Source

Thumbnails Preview Gallery

19.jquery-image-and-content-slider-pluginDemo | Source

Camera Slideshow

57.jquery-image-and-content-slider-pluginDemo | Source

Smart Background Slider

55.jquery-image-and-content-slider-pluginDemo | Source

Nivo Slider – Free jQuery Plugin

The Nivo Slider is world renowned as the most beautiful and easy to use image slider on the market. There is literally no better way to make your website look totally stunning. The Nivo Slider jQuery plugin is free to download and released under the MIT license.
  • Requires jQuery v1.7+
  • Beautiful Transition Effects
  • Simple and Flexible Setup
  • Small, Semantic & Responsive
  • Free to Use & Abuse
  • Powerful & Simple Slider Creation
  • Multiple Slider Types
  • Automatic Image Cropping
Demo|Download nivo jquery slider

Simple multi-item jQuery slider + Tutorial

The idea was inspired by the Apple product slider where several little items fly in with a bouncing animation. We wanted to translate this concept to a modern-looking alternative for a minimal online store design where the items represent different categories. Categories as use-case fit quite well because of the limited nature of this type of slider.
  • Responsive layout
  • Minimal Design
  • Fade and slide effects
Demo|Download minimal jquery slider

Full width jQuery image slider

A very simple 100% width slider that scales down to mobile. This slider has a 100% width layout and it is responsive. It operates with CSS transitions and the image is wrapped with an anchor. The anchor can be replaced by a division if no linking is needed. With a max-width set to 100%, the image will size down for smaller screens.
  • Responsive jQuery slider
  • Full width
  • Minimal Design
Demo|Download full slider 

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