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Saturday 9 August 2014

logo t-shirt web design making money


Sell Your Own Prints

Its a classic way to make money in the design industry, but it can be a great one. If you’re a keen illustrator then why not sell prints of your work? Especially if you specialize in Wallpaper Patterns or Pure Illustrated Work that can be applied to multiple different things such as canvas prints, cups & mugs, stationary etc. Some of the websites below allow you to upload your own designs and start selling straight away & apply your designs to products.



99 Designsand Brandstack

99 Designs is aimed at businesses rather than consumers. Companies hold contests by submitting a design brief, and then designers enter their submissions for prize money. The company chooses the winner as well as a prize amount. Categories include logos, web design, merchandise and more. Meanwhile, Brandstack has the same idea as 99 Designs but in reverse – graphic designers submit their logos, and companies sift through the site until they find one that meshes with their vision. It’s free to sign up with Brandstack, and you get 85 percent commission when your design is purchased. 

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