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Monday 11 August 2014

after paying from paypal download button should come



 I settled on Linklok, which is a great little bit of software. You install a vary simple script on your server that interacts with PayPal. After payment, the customer is redirected to a page on your site with an encrypted link to the download file. The link is generated on purchase, so the real location of the file can't be determined. You can set the link to expire any time.

It's a really nice little solution, and a small, one-off payment. It was even easy for a noob like me to set up.



Step 1: Integrate your AWeber account with PayPal

Follow AWeber’s easy to follow instructions to integrate your PayPal account with AWeber . This way anyone that pays you via PayPal is automatically added to your AWeber list. Pretty sweet!
If you are not interested in securing your paid files and allowing your customers to share it free-ly on the web, you are all set! No need to go on. If you are interested in adding some additional security read on.

Step 2: Create a Digioh Account

If you don’t already have a Digioh account you can sign up for free here.

Step 3: Upload a File

Digioh - Send Files - Add New File Button

Click on the giant blue “Add New File” button

Step 4: Click on “Select a File from your Computer” button and pick your paid file

Step 5: Select “Membership Security” under the Security Options section

Membership Security Options v2
When you click on the “Membership Security” option a drop down of all your AWeber lists will automatically show up. Pick the list that your paid customers are being added to.
Membership Security makes sure that only your subscribers get access to your download, if it gets forwarded on to friends or posted on Twitter they will see a “No Access” page. Here is a graphic showing you how it works:

Our Membership Security option is only available on the $14.99/mo Pro Plus package. The Pro Plus package also comes with more downloads, bandwidth and List Grower Security. If you want to know the technical details of how Membership Security check out our full write up about it here.

Step 6: Click on the red “Upload and Continue ->” button

Your file will start uploading and apply your security settings as soon as you click on the red upload button

Step 7: Customize Your download Pages

Customize Your Download Pages
You can take full control of your brand by adding your own logo and any other marketing text to your secure download page. For this tutorial we will just keep the default. Just wanted to mentioned it here so you know you can create a more branded and professional experience!
Our customized download pages will make your company look more professional than a random link to a server or Dropbox.

Step 8: Copy and Paste Your Digioh Download Link

Copy and Paste Digioh Download Link
Your secure Digioh download link is ready! Simply copy the link.
Remember every Digioh download link uses your AWeber merge tags automatically, this means Digioh will tell you the exact subscriber that actually download your file. For example you will get an email with this: just downloaded “Your eBook Series.PDF”

Step 9: Paste your Digioh download link in your AWeber email

Paste Digioh Link into AWeber
Paste in your Digioh download link to your AWeber follow-up message. Just click on the link icon and paste in your Digioh download link (just like you would if it was a website)
If you are sending a series of paid products over a few days use AWeber’s follow-up email feature. You can also add your Digioh download link to your “Welcome Email”, this is the email AWeber sends right after your new subscriber confirms their subscription. You can also use AWeber’s Broadcast email if you are doing a blast to all your existing paying customers – this is great for updates!

Step 10: Enjoy Secure Paid Downloads

Sit back and relax! Be happy that the hard work you put into creating your paid content can be accessed for free.

Bonus Optional Step 11: Add Your Digioh Membership Security Link to Your Website

Some AWeber customers are using their Digioh download link on their website. If you paste on your website it works like a simple membership security site. They go to their download link, the customer has to enter in their email address, if their email address is found we give them access to the download. We also record the IP address to prevent abuse in case one of your customers decides to share the link and their email address

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