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Saturday 21 June 2014

How to Implement Google plus comments in Blogger Custom Templates

The new Google plus comment system can be implemented in default templates (the ones from Blogger) by Going the Google + tab of Blogger dashboard and ticking the option for the same. If you didn’t link your Google plus with Blogger profile, you have to do this now. Google plus comments Blogger Enable Google plus comments in Blogger How to enable this on Custom Blogger Templates If you are using a theme from outside the Blogger collection, you have to do some edits in your Template.

You have three options Revert your template to default Blogger Edit Template, Enable both Google+ and Blogger comments Implement Google+ Comments only Revert template to default.. This is the simplest method.. Go to Template > Edit HTML.Click on Revert Template to Defaults. Select Blog1. google plus comments - implementation Revert to default option


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