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Saturday 13 September 2014

ANdroid project source code



You could go to F-Droid where most of the applications' source code is available open source

Download Android Applications Source Codes and Projects
you can download source code for android app from the above link.

Apart from the android developer site, you may also try Tutorials, Games, Apps, Tips



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1. Android Source code for Swipe Left and Right using gesture detection:-

This android application will detect gesture motion and page will move according to your given direction i.e left or right.

Download source code

2. Android Source code for Custom Left-Right and Up-Down Slide Show:- 

A sample application that shows how to implement custom transition between activities. Following transition are added:
- Slide in-out left-right
- Slide in-out top-bottom

Download Source code

3. Android Source code for Chat Application:-

This is a simple chat application. Read text file "how_to_run.txt" that is added with rar file to help to run the server and client side programs. First run Java file on Command Prompt than start your project on eclipse.

Download Source Code

4. Android source code for student result automation project:-

This source code will show how to connect android to database MySQL using PHP and how to update current Activity.Enter roll number, enrollment number and semester & get results of Student.
Note: Project is updated with new PHP file and database, & table and all problem is resolved. Read process.txt file for instruction.

Download source code

5. Android source code for Facebook like slide show:-

Now mostly applications are using this slide show to show profile of the user and other information in one activity with different layouts. like Facebook, Hangout, Stumble upon, etc.

Download source code

6. Android source code for Login, Registration page with SQLite:-

In this application, there are three pages; Login,Registration and welcome pages. We used hide and show image in password field so we can hide and show entered password. Simple SQLite example are also available here:-How to use SQLite database in android.

Download source code

7. Android source code for Login,Register page with MySQL and PHP:-

This application is same as above example but we have used MySQL and PHP instead of SQLite to store and fetch data.

Download source Code

8. Android source code get Sim number on mobile restart:-

This application will show how to start an activity when we restart our mobile. This application can be used to get message of location when you start your mobile and it can be used to catch thief because when anyone steal your mobile and open your mobile than a message of thief's location will send to your given number. I have already discuss how to send sms and how to get location.

Download source Code

9. Android source code for Gmail like navigation drawer:-

This application is example of Gmail like navigation drawer. In this application, there are three pages that are using Fragment.

Download source code

10. Android source code for date and Time picker application:-

This is a simple android application for selecting date and time & it will show selected date & time in flash message.

Download source code

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