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Friday 15 May 2015

List of Top 10 Freelance Sites For Getting Work

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 LinkedIn Jobs
Believe me, this is a real game changer. If you have a LinkedIn profile, then start using it today! If you don’t then create one right away and see how things can turn around with to networking site. Networking is a proper way to get new clients by getting introduced to new ones via your older connections. You never know you may actually land up with a good paying gig with your connections.
Pointer: There are numerous jobs that get posted ever now and then in LinkedIn jobs that you can also browse through, to get more opportunities. Most of them may project to be location based, but what I say is there is no harm in approaching the employers for freelance opportunities. You never know who may be interested in hiring a pro like you!

2) MediaBistro
Now this is a big thing when it comes to media houses. It has jobs enlisted of varied genres that can give any freelancer looking for writing jobs a lot of options. Jobs posted on this site hail from television, PR agencies, publishing houses to social media based companies. This means you get a plate full of opportunities in the form of MediaBistro.
Pointer: Start applying to the jobs. Keep trying, it may take some time to prove yourself but certainly try and try until you succeed. Remember that success cannot come overnight. It takes time to build that reputation for a full time writer, let alone a freelancer.

3) Craigslist
Yes you heard me right, Craigslist it is. No it is not to be used only for selling and buying things but also for getting opportunities that remain unexplored. Normally people think that this is a site that is limited to only buying and selling but in reality it has more to offer than people know of it. Select multiple localities or states as per your country of residence and then tick mark the jobs box according to your area of expertise.
Voila, you will get to an array of options to choose from. Hit the reply button if you don’t see any other ways to contact an employer. I actually have been able to locate a very good paying client from this site.
Pointer: Apply with a proper cover letter and your latest resume. Send samples if required or links as applicable. One special word of advice would be to keep from scams and as a freelancer you surely know how to do so by now.

Description: problogger is a site that allows you to take time and think over a gig. When you browse freelance tasks on this job board, make sure you take a deep breath and then start looking for it! This is because you get to write for blogs at premium rates and the gigs are authentic in the real sense of the word!
Pointer: Since you get work from people who know what they ask for, it is highly advisable that you be extra cautious while sending a first time interest.
5) Morning Coffee Newsletter
Description: Morning Coffee Newsletter
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This is an e-newsletter that saves your time by sending you hoards of openings especially for freelance writing jobs. Not to mention that most of these openings can be found at competitive rates. This site lets you see through an assortment of writing and editing jobs without a fail.
Pointer: Keep reading it until you find something that interests you in the best possible ways.
Description: Indeed Job search site in India
Indeed may be a job site but it has a section that is completely dedicated to freelance writing jobs. You can get jobs posted in any country like the USA, Australia or Canada mainly. Some are location based and others may require telecommute. You are free to make a choice accordingly.
Pointer: Try to keep it simple when inquiring about the positions. You can try your luck with this site for sure.
7) Mashable
The Mashable Job Board is certainly a good place to look for freelance writing jobs. Expect to get a selection of jobs in this site. Both full timed and freelance jobs are available in abundance on this particular site. The site basically caters to technology and social media which offers a lot of opportunities to budding freelancers from all fields.
Pointer: You can get the contact details listed along with the job listings. Start applying before it gets late!

8) TextBroker
Textbroker is another wonderful site if you have a great profile to brag. The site focuses on quality and is a genuine platform for content seekers. SO, if you are a freelance writer, you must be confident about your quality. You can make good money if you write a lot and pick projects here.
Pointer: I would not say that this is a well paying site but not bad either. You must check the guidelines stated in the order thoroughly, some are real badly written and you might end up creating something undesirable. It is better to PM the client before you take your assignment. And yes, this is only for U.S. citizens.

9) oDesk
Description: ODesk
oDesk has often been the favourite among my freelancer friends and ofcourse mine as well. Offering jobs for beginners to professionals from all over the globe, oDesk is one of the most trusted platforms in the world of Freelancing jobs. You will get projects from low payout to clients paying really well to deserving freelancers.
Pointer: oDesk is all that you need from a Freelance job providing platform. People are working and earning since years for a reason here.

Description: Jobs for Bloggers   ProBlogger Job Board
Now this is something that fascinates every writer who is looking for a freelance writing project to work religiously. The reason why this platform is so much enticing is the high paying jobs posted here. These are posted by some real serious employers who value the creativity of professional and proficient writers.
Pointer: You can land up to one of the best freelance projects in  your career at this platform.
To do list
Apart from all this, what I would suggest is to keep certain things handy for your own good before starting to apply to new clients. Make sure that you are armed with the following documents always:
  • Updated and crisp resume
  • Cover letter
  • Portfolio
  • Links to pervious and latest works
  • Samples belonging to required genres of work
To avoid
I would like to put forward that during your initial years as a freelancer, you should avoid sites like Freelancer, Guru, Demand Studios, Elance and oDesk. These content mills lure you into believing quantity is better than quality. Moreover the pay stoops down to as low as $2.5 per article!
This is something that you can best avoid as you tend to develop a bad habit of being impatient. This is because these sites ensure that you get response even if you don’t have a booming portfolio. There is no shortcut to success!
I hope you all readers enjoyed this list of top freelancing sites for getting work . I am sure by being active on these sites, you can easily make good amount of money. It is better to be your own boss always.

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