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Wednesday 2 July 2014

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So What's Flippa?

Flippa is the number one marketplace for buying and selling websites.
Website buyers love Flippa due to the extensive inventory of websites and domains to suit a range of website investors. We’re dedicated to websites, so the entire buying experience is tailored to make it as easy and secure as possible.
Website sellers come to Flippa due to it having the highest sales rate in the industry—largely due to the massive size and quality of the Flippa website buyer audience.
A few stats for the left-brainers among us:
  • Over 400,000 users have registered to buy or sell websites on Flippa.
  • A bid is placed on a Flippa auction every minute.
  • More than 2,500 buyers and sellers are online every minute of the day.
  • Over 290,000 bids were placed and nearly 26,000 websites were sold on Flippa in 2011—valued at almost $31M!
  • Alexa puts Flippa in the top 1,000 sites worldwide (currently 827).

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