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Friday 4 July 2014

open source free cart and free cms live chat help php script

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CMS: We recommend Blue Host but there are many others out there. All you have to do for your live site is click a few buttons in your control panel on your chosen server to automatically install Concrete5.
The automatic install makes the database and you get the sign in information in an email (from Blue Host). Now you're ready to go!
Go to bluehost cPanel and find "Simple Scripts". Find Website Builders and choose Concrete5.
You will be directed to a page to "Install concrete5." Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Install".
Choose the latest version and add your url. Look at the Advanced Options to add any information needed. Check the Legal Terms stuff and click on "Complete".
You'll get a status "in progress" dialog box.
Now just go back to your cPanel and get the ftp information to upload your new Concrete5 theme.

Local Site:

For ease of use and convenience, you may want to install Concrete5 on your local computer. To do this you will need a web server, some php goodies, mySQL, and Concrete5 all working together. Don't panic! This is easy.
Step 1: If you do not have the latest version of XAMPP, you can dowload it fromthe following link: XAMPP and install it. Just follow the step-by-step directions on their site. The good news is that XAMPP does not slow down your computer. It doesn't use a lot of system resources. You can also turn it off and on as you need it.
Step2: Go into C:\xampp\htdocs and create a new folder. I named mine concretertb.
Step 3: Download the latest version of Concrete5 from Concrete5 and unzip it to the following location C:\xampp\htdocs\concretertb and rename the folder name from concrete5.5.x to concrete.
Step 4: Open your browser window and type the following URL: http://localhost/phpmyadmin and create one database. I named my new database concretertb1.
Step 5: Open your browser window and type the following URL: http://localhost/concretertb/concrete, you will see the installation screen.
Make sure that you get green check marks for Testing Required Items as shown.
Fill in the following fields:
  • Name Your Site: Name of your site.
  • Your Email Address: Enter valid email address.
  • Password: Enter a password you will use for this site. Remember it!!
  • Server: Since you are installing Concrete5 locally, enter localhost.
  • MySQL Username: By default it is root
  • MySQL Password: By default it is blank.
  • Database Name: Name of the database you created in Step 4.
We recommend that you install sample content. After filling all the information correctly click on Install Concrete5 button.
You will see a progress bar that let's you know what portions are being installed. Most installations go smoothly with no errors.
You should see a screen that tells you Concrete5 has been installed. Click to go to your site.
Congratulations! You are now logged into your new site and will see the dashboard panel at the top of your screen. You will also see the default theme and the sample content.
Now it's time to install a new theme and then start editing your new site.



- Free CMS version 1.5
  - Free CART version 1.6

Free CMS and Free CART are open-source Creative commons license

Free Content Management Systems (CMS) PHP Scripts 

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