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Saturday 7 March 2015

easy way to get pr9 backlinks tricks and tips

List of recently expiring domain names

1. Google+
Not all links from Google+ that point to your content are dofollow. For example, the links you get when sharing text content are nofollow. The links people insert in their comments on Google+ are nofollow as well.
However, if you specifically click the link icon in the "Share what's new" section, the link you provide will be dofollow.


YouTube is also a great source of PR9 backlinks. You can easily add your link in the Description or in the About section, but these all are NoFollow backlinks, The Associated Website tab is the only way to get DoFollow backlink on YouTube.
To associate your website, you have to verify your account at and submit your website to Google Webmasters. ( I hope you have already submitted.)
After completing above 2 steps just log in to YouTube with your Google account and visit your Advanced Channel Settings to add associated website.

YouTube provides NoFollow Backlinks, really!! I mean lets change the term in a different way. You have to work little hard to get DoFollow backlinks from YouTube. Make sure you link your blog with active YouTube account showing ads in it.
Otherwise your blog will be getting Nofollow backlinks. Now, go to your channel setting< area of your theme.
After confirmation, it will look like the give image below.

youtube dofollow pr9 backlinks


  3.Yahoo Answers!

Answering questions on Yahoo Answers! will also provide you PR9 backlinks. As like Opera Yahoo Answers! gives you only NoFollow backlink.

  • is a PR9 dofollow social media website, and it is the largest social network in Europe. Its mode of operation looks nearly exactly like Facebook; however, it does not have all those pay to boost post limitations present on Facebook.
The same model, of sharing your blog posts on Facebook to get a backlink is the same way it also works on VK. So, to get a PR9 backlinks, consider using this site.
To get started, go to: and sign up for a free account
  • Wikipedia is now a PR9 website; the following are the strategies you can use to get a PR9 nofollow backlinks from the world’s largest encyclopedia ( backlinks from Wikipedia are nofollow and not dofollow).

Reddit and digg

Reddit is a popular social bookmarking site that lets you bookmark about any type of your content (images, videos, text, etc.). The great part about Reddit, is that it links to your post directly (not via a redirect), and that all links from it are dofollow.
So, if you haven't got a Reddit profile yet, it's probably worth setting up one. To bookmark a URL on Reddit, just click "Submit a new link" in the upper right corner.

Using Delicious to Understand Your Users

If you want to see what pages are bookmarked on your website just use the command on delicious. For example gives me this:
Delicious screenshot
As you can see 988 people bookmarked the root of the site at Clicking on the number takes you to a page with a lot more insight on how these people are tagging your page. (see the red arrow above).
delicious screenshot



Mozilla.ORG  is very high reputed website with a PageRank of 9 which is maximum attainable for any website. Step to get free do-follow backlink :
  • Sign Up for Free Mozilla Account
  • Fill out the details and submit Sign Up form.
  • Click on Verification Link at your email account from Mozilla to activate your account, after submitting form.
  • After activation, login to Mozilla with your credentials and visit your profile page.
  • Put your short bio with your website’s link.
And, it’s done. :-D


Adobe.COM is yet another PR9 Website to get do-follow backlinks to your blog.
Procedure goes same here.
Create your account at Adobe.COM and verify it. Create good looking profile there and enter enough data.
Now, if you are not able to insert links your at Adobe’s profile, visit Adobe Forum. Here at forum, put an original looking problem or the problem you are actually facing with your blog’s URL.
After some days, Alexa will start showing your Backlink from Adobe which is enough to assure that you got PR9 backlink from Adobe. :)

Site To Get PR8 Backlinks

PR8 Do-Follow backlinks


Ted.COM is a PR8 website with innovative videos, research etc. The website can give you do-follow backlink.
  • Sign Up TED.COM
  • After activating, Click profile -> Edit Profile.
  • Scroll down and you will find place to insert website link with Keyword (Name of Site).
  • Just Add your websites and blogs.
  • You’re done. Now Enjoy free High Authority Backlink.

2. FileZilla-Project.ORG

Sign up to and insert your backlinks in your profile and on other posts.


1. Google Drive (PR8)

Google Drive ( while providing free cloud storage also lets you to create, save, edit and share the file. So, to get dofollow backlink from Google Drive, we’re going to create a basic HTML file having our website’s (dofollow) link inserted into it. So, create a basic html file with extension .htm or .html and copy this code on the HTML file while changing with your website’s URL.
DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
xmlns="" >
 <title>Just Dummy File</title>

DoFollow Backlink

 <a href="" target='_blank'>Your Domain</a></h3>

Save it and it’s done. Now, you will have public URL of this file, the public URL is from Google drive and that URL is the locatoin from where you’re getting backlink.

Step by step get high pr backlink is a simple online service acquired by AOL and serves like an E-Business card, allowing you to include your biography, personal pictures, personal website, and connect your personal and business website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook pages, and Google Plus. has PR7 and 1192 rank of alexa.
Follow this step below to get PR7 backlinks from
1. Register to
high pr backlink from
2. Fill and finish Step 2 registration
high pr9 backlink from step2
3. Go to Edit Page
high pr backlink from step 3
4. Click Biography tab and fill your site link in Biography box
high pr backlink from step 4
5. Click tab links and input your domain name.
high pr 9 backlink from step 6
high pr backlink from step 5

Finish! you got high pr backlink from :) 

WordPress is open source blogging/CMS software that powers 22 per cent of the web, including this one. The software is a community-driven project and is where you can download the WordPress installation files, and search for and download free themes and plugins. has PR9 and ranks 64 in Alexa.
1. Registration here and finish your registration process.
2. After finishing your registration, open profile page from this url :[your-user-name].
get backlink high pr 9 from
3. Fill your website url :)
get backlink high pr 9 from step 2
get backlink high pr 9 from step 3

Done! You got high pr backlink from :) is the home of the Drupal project. In addition to keeping track of all the Drupal code and contributed projects, publishes news, organization information, training resources, case studies and community spotlights. has PR9 and ranks 1032 of Alexa.
1. Registration new account here
2. After succesfully registration , go to here
3. Click edit and click personal tab
get backlink high pr from
get backlink high pr from step 2

Simple and easy, now you got high pr backlink from

 APPLE.COM is officially site for apple product. is learn about Apple products, view online manuals, get the latest downloads, and more. Connect with other Apple users, or get service, support, and professional advice from Apple. has PR9 and ranks 44 of Alexa rank.
1. Registration to
get pr9 backlink from  step1
2. After you succesfully registraton, go and then create your Username
3. Edit profile, and write your url to homepage textbox and save
get pr9 backlink from  step2
get pr9 backlink from  step 3

Free to get high pr backlink from :) 

Flickris a popular photo-sharing and hosting service with advanced and powerful features. It supports an active and engaged community where people share and explore each other’s photos. has PR9 and ranks 104 of alexa.
1. Registration to
2. Go to photostream menu
get free high pr backlink from flickr 3
3. Click “Edit your profile information”
get free high pr backlink from flickr 4
4. Type your url at “Describe Yourself…” box with syntax.
<a href="">your url name</a>
get free high pr backlink from flickr
5. Click save and watch, you get high pr backlink from
get free high pr backlink from flickr step2
Getting backlinks from sites with high pagerank is very easy, I will discuss more ways to get high pr backlinks in a future article :)

2. Storify (PR8)

Storify lets you write story, get its URL and share with friends. The best things about this website (for us) is, it is PR8 website. We’re going to use this quality.
  • Write a high quality article.
  • Login to Story account or sign up through email Facebook or Twitter
  • Click “Add Story” and paste your story to Storify.
  • Now, click on embed link, and add your website’s link with Anchor text.
Wait few days and alexa will start list down this backlink for your website.

3. Reddit (PR8)

Reddit, holding 5.4 billion monthly pageviews is the most popular social bookmarking website. While the links you will add to the site are nofollow but still they provide authority to your website and hence boost in SERP Ranking. So start sharing your valuable post. While doing this, follow these tricks to get instant flood of traffic to your site.

Site To Get PR6 DoFollow Backlinks

 1. Attracta (PR6)

Unfortunately, this trick is available to only Hostgator users. If you’re among proud Hostgator users and having your website on shared hosting then login to your cPanel. At “SEO And Marketing Tool”, complete all the task of tools which are: submitting website to Attracta directory, create sitemap, checking SEO etc. Other tools will do mild help but submitting website to Attracta directory will result in getting a PR6 (earlier PR7) dofollow backlink from the website.

2. Imgur (PR6)

Imgur is a popular anonymous image sharing platform with 3 million pageviews per month. Funny images usually went viral on Facebook ad Reddit from the site. You can create free account there an add your website’s link at profile section which will give your alexa backlink.

Vimeo PageRank-9 | Alexa Rank-117
Vimeo is video social sharing website allow you to share your videos online with your friends.You can create your profile at Vimeo and add your website URL in your profile information, you will get PR 9 backlink to your blog for free.
Slideshare pagerank-8 | Alexa Rank-200
Slideshare is online sharing portal from where you can share and download important Powerpoint(PPT) slides presentation for free.You can get PR8 backlink from your Slideshare profile page.

Metacafe Pagerank-7 | Alexa Rank-476
Metacafe is one of the world’s largest video sites, serving the best videos, funniest movies and clips similar to youtube.You can get PR7 backlink to your website from your metacafe profile page.
Widgetbox PageRank-7 | Alexa Rank-7593
Widgetbox helps you to express, connect, create and inform using web widgets that can be easily shared and distributed anywhere on the web. Widgetbox widgets have been on hundreds of thousands of websites. And, best of all, Widgetbox is free!You can get PR7 Dofollow backlink from your Widgetbox profile page.
Gravatar Pagerank-7 | Alexa Rank-1714
LAstfm PageRank-7 | Alexa Rank-6775
You can get PR7 dofollow backlink for your blog from your profile page at lastfm.
Klout Pagerank-7 | Alexa Rank-800
You can also get PR7 dofollow backlink to your blog from your profile page at Klout.
Docstoc PageRank-6 | Alexa Rank-1083
docstoc is a community for people to find and share professional documents online for free. You can easily Find free legal documents and free business documents on Docstoc.You can get PR6 backlink to your website from your profile page of docstoc.
Seomoz PageRankR-6 | Alexa Rank-396
Seomoz is the most popular provider of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) software. They provide you easy to use tools and tutorials make your website search engine friendly.You can get PR6 backlink from your profile page of Seomoz.
43things PageRank-6 | Alexa Rank-14687
43things allow you to create and share an online goal list and learn how to get each item accomplished. They help you answer the question: What do you want to do with your life?You can get PR6 backlink to your website from your 43things profile page.
Yahoo Contributor pagerank-6 | Alexa Rank-4
Authorstream Pagerank-6 | Alexa Rank-6403
authorSTREAM enables presenters to upload and share PowerPoint presentations online and embed slideshows in blogs, convert to video and share it on World Wide Web.You can get PR6 backlink to your website from your authorstream profile page

  • Pinterest
Pinterest remains one of the fastest growing social media website. Its statistical growth is amazing and it is growing at a faster rate as compared to the growth experienced by Facebook when it just started.
Pinterest is a PR9 website, and as a global Alexa rank of 27. Marketing, internet and SEO experts have all explained in depth reasons and advantages why your blog and website should have a presence on Pinterest.
To get a PR9 backlinks from Pinterest, all you have to do is open a free account by signing up with your Facebook account or your email address at,and upload interesting pictures on your boards.
Just verify your website or blog by inserting the code they will give into the header of your site; by doing this, any click on your blog/website address on your profile automatically makes it become a dofollow pr9 backlinks from Pinterest
  • Opera
Opera is mostly known as a very good browser because of most features it has which other browsers does not have. Though, over the years, it has fallen in the rank of popular browsers behind the likes of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and mozilla.

10. BizSugar
BizSugar is a community where people create and/or share small business news and tips. So, if your content is around the topic of business, entrepreneurship, social media, online marketing or similar, go ahead and register with this site and click "Submit an Article" to proceed.

more site
  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • IBM
  • Adobe
  • Amazon
  •  Digg
  •   Aol
    ✔ Google
    ✔ Amazon
    ✔ Apple
    ✔ BBC
    ✔ Vimeo
    ✔ CNN
    ✔ Opera
    ✔ Flickr
    ✔ Yahoo
    ✔ Mozilla
    ✔ Drupal 
facebook backlinks

After logging into or creating a new account, you will access your FB fan page. Obviously if you are one of the ones that just created your FB account, then you do not have a FB page yet. Either way, no worries! If you already have a Fan Page then you can use it. If not, then you will create a new one by clicking on the text that says "create a page". This will be located on the left hand side of your screen.

After accessing or creating your own Facebook page, you will open a Facebook App called Static HTML.
4.) Click on "Add Static HTML to a Page".

Top 10 recommended best seo tools for 2015

SEMRush Link Builder 
  Link building and backlinking models
 read this blog 

  Seo in $1


Section II

Different Types of Anchor Text

Before, I get into strategy, it’s critical that you understand all the different types of anchors so that you’ll be able to create a diverse and “natural” link / anchor profile.
In a separate excel file, there will be a nice list of anchor variations for each type.

Branded Anchors

Any anchor that uses your brand in it.
Sentence sample: “Over at GOTCH SEO you can learn search engine optimization.”
Branded anchors are by far the safest as long as your site is not an exact match domain (more on this later). Simply take a look at any big brand and look at the percentages of branded anchors in their link profile.
Here are few examples that you’ll want to follow:
1. Best Buy

Best Buy Anchors


Generic Anchors

The most “normal” form of anchor text such as:
  • “click here”
  • “go here”
  • “check this site out”
In a sentence: “Go here if you’re looking for SEO information.” – “Go here” is the generic anchor text.

Naked Link Anchors

Simply linking back to a website with your URL.

No Anchor Trick

This is a tricky little strategy I see big brands doing.
Whether purposefully or not, it’s a good idea.
Go back to the previous images under “branded anchors”. You’ll see that these brands have “noText” anchors.
What’s a better way to diversify your anchor profile, then not having ANY words at all?
The easiest way to building “noText” anchors is through images or you can simply “forget” to include an anchor within an article, which will have a similar effect.

Image Anchors

I always throw in image links with every campaign because I think it’s 

Brand + Keyword Anchor

This is another great way to stay “safe” and for building a diverse, natural anchor profile.
I’ll use “Gotch SEO” as the brand and my target keyword as “link building”.
The anchor text would look like this:
  • “link building strategies by Gotch SEO”
  • “Gotch SEO link building strategies”
You’re simply combining your target keyword with your brand.

LSI Anchors

“LSI” is the acronym for “Latent Semantic Indexing”.
It really just means variations of your main keyword.
So, if I’m targeting “link building”, then some LSI keywords would be:
  • “what is link building”
  • “building links”
  • “link building example”
  • “define link building”
Finding LSI keywords is super easy. You can either use Google’s suggest options in the search bar, “Searched related to ___” at the bottom of the search results, or for more extensive keywords, you can use the Keyword Planner.
Related Searches Options
Related Searches Options
Find LSI #1
Google Suggest Options
google suggest
Google Keyword Planner
Find LSI #3
Find LSI #4

Partial-Match Anchors

Partial matches are very similar to LSI’s, but the biggest difference is that you’re making it up as opposed to using Google’s suggestions or using keywords that have search volume.
Here are some examples for target keyword “link building”:
  • “learn about link building”
  • “quality link building guide”
  • “this link building article”
I use partial-match anchors quite a lot because it’s a very natural way of linking to another website.

Long Anchors

Long anchors are really just an extension of partial-match except they are a little longer.
Here are a few examples for “anchor text”:
  • “anchor text is the key to link building”
  • “I used anchor text to get these rankings”

Exact Match Anchors

The king of all anchor text. It has the power to increase your rankings, but also has the power to penalize your website.
To simply put it, an exact match anchor is the exact match of whatever your target keyword is.
Example: if “link building” is my target keyword, then my exact match anchor would be “link building”.

Co-Occurrence: Build Relevancy Without Exact Match Anchors

Before I jump into percentages, you need to have a firm understanding of co-occurrence. Don’t feel intimidated by this nerdy terminology. It’s actually really simple.
So since you won’t be using a ton of keyword-rich anchor text, you will need a way to create relevancy for your links. I’m not kidding when I say this, I use the co-occurrence technique I’m about to show you, with every single link I build.
Mainly because I try to make every single link relevant even if it isn’t using a keyword-rich anchor or even if it’s on a website with average relevancy to mine.
How can you do this? Very simple.
You’re going to surround your anchor text with your target keyword. Getting the target keyword as close to the anchor as possible is the best, but as you’ll see in the examples, it doesn’t always have to be.
Do what’s natural and don’t try to stuff keywords around your anchor.
Sample #1: Generic Anchor
Target Keyword: “anchor text”
Anchor Text: “go here”
“If you’re looking for more information about anchor text go here right away.”
Sample #2: Branded Anchor
Target Keyword: “anchor text”
Anchor Text: “Gotch SEO”
“Anchor text is the visible and clickable text in a link. For more in-depth information you should read this article from Gotch SEO.”
Sample #3: Naked Link
Target Keyword: “anchor text”
Anchor Text: “”
“For more in-depth information about anchor text I highly recommend this article:”
Using the co-occurrence technique is a must for any anchor text including exact match. The greater the relevancy of content surrounding your anchor, the stronger your backlink will be.
This is why I always use super targeted content in my link building campaigns.

Place Your Anchor Text in Super Relevant Content

Below, I’ve given you a few different examples of the types of content I would use for link building purposes. The better the relevancy of your article to your target keyword, the higher you will rank.
Keyword: “anchor text”
Instead of writing a broader article about link building, I would actually write articles specifically about anchor text. The tighter the relevancy of the linking article, the stronger your link.
Keyword: “New York personal injury lawyer”
I would write an article like “How to Find a Reputable Personal Injury Lawyer in New York” instead of a generic article about personal injury.
Keyword: “garcinia cambogia”
Instead of writing an article about health or weight loss, I would write an article like “10 Garcinia Cambogia Scams to Watch Out For”.

Last Word on Co-Occurrence

Surround your links with highly relevant content to increase their power. Google is fully capable of understanding the relevancy of a certain link without you needing to shove hundreds of exact match anchors in its face.
Bringing me to the next very important section where you’ll learn the exact anchor percentages I use with every link building campaign.

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