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Tuesday 17 March 2015

How WordPress Can Leverage Businesses With Effective CRM Solution

Are CRM Solutions Offered By WordPress Ideal For You?

WordPress is an amazing platform that offers truckloads of features to its users. The best thing about it is that you can integrate almost any kind of available function in your WP site by simply installing the appropriate plugin from its hefty directory.
Whether you want to manage your communications with ease, or you want to handle your customer relationship with high proficiency, you can get a list suitable plugin options for that. Now, the most important thing is to decide that will these plugins offer a viable solution or the existing services like Salesforce is a better option. To make the best choice, it is advisable to consider the merits and demerits of all the options and streamline your choice while keeping your site’s prime goal in the mind.
If that comparison has encouraged you to choose the WordPress as the best CRM solution, here is a list of few CRMs that can be integrated into the WP sites.

This plugin further improves the existing WordPress features to facilitate the site owners to conveniently maintain the relationship with their site visitors and readers. You can manage the searches via a filter, maintain the sign up in an organized fashion by using the custom attributes, and a lot more.
You can also reap the benefits of the basic functionalities of a CRM service by activating this plugin in your WP install. Whether you want insert a new user info or want to edit the existing details, you can easily manage every bit of it. It represents the data in the dynamic chart format that makes the things more clear and simple. Moreover, you can track the notes and activities of your users.
2. WordPress-to-lead for Salesforce CRM
Salesforce CRM
Create a reliable and secure integration between your Salesforce CRM account and your website by using this excellent plugin. It allows people visiting your site to fill the contact form, and the details directly move into the Salesforce Customer Relationship Management. Thus, there is no need to copy and paste the lead info and it thereby remove the chances of missing leads.
3. WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager
WooCommerce CRM
This premium plugin is the best value for money, it is available at an affordable price. With this plugin, you can extend the existing customer features of WooCommerce. It thus helps handle the active relationships and manage the sales easily.
It helps maintain a log of calls and emails made by customers on your WP site. Whether you want to send bulk emails to your customers for promoting your products or want to send an email to a particular customer, the WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager plugin is a great choice. There are a few of the features of this resourceful plugins, there are a lot more.
4. WP Highrise
Create a desired form by using this plugin on your WP site and drop it on any of your web page or post. When this form is filled by any of your visitors, thereafter you will be getting notified via a suitable email. The same info regarding the new visitor’s detail is also forwarded to your Highrise account.
This allows you to easily manage all the records that hold the contact and other details of your website visitors via your site itself. Install any of the aforementioned plugin in your WordPress site and conveniently benefit your business with a consummate CRM solution. However, it is recommended to research and invest some time and efforts to streamline the search.
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Easy ways to get Adsense account approval without having a website - See more at:
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