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Monday 27 April 2015

5 Platforms That Provide Free Django App Hosting

I hope you’ll be able to find a free Django hosting platform that will suit your needs. They’re obviously not limited to Django only, and I’m only using the terminology so I can have the post rank for that keyword. That’s as transparent as it can get.


This is a cloud based platform – like most are – that allows you to have a server instance for all your Python development needs, and you can setup a fully functional web server within a couple of clicks. It currently supports one-click install for the following Python applications:
The list is too big to list here!
Head over to the ‘Batteries‘ page and see which libraries, frameworks and other Python tools are available for easy importation and installation.
The free plan offers enough specifications for you to do some basic testing, and even host a portfolio site if you’d like. You can upgrade to a ‘Hacker Plan’ at $5 per month, and that will allow you to have up to 10k visits per day, depending on the source and type of traffic.

Amazon AWS – Free

AWS Free Usage Tier
The Amazon AWS free plan is pretty much a way of learning more about the services that AWS & EC2 provide to the world, and perhaps get you hooked on the way their instances and system works in order to become a full-time customers. You’ll be able to do just about enough to get your feet wet with testing applications, and deploying them. It’s of course good to learn more about such platforms, as you never know when it might come in handy, especially when working in the field of development.
Serdar, an author on InfoWorld has recently published a quick review of the Amazon AWS Free plan and I’d love to have you check it out, as it goes more in-depth about the service and what you can expect.


OpenShift by Red Hat
This is a project maintained by the original Red Hat board, and provides a free – and paid – cloud service to those who need it. OpenShift is very popular in the community, and fully supports hundreds of applications and types of programming languages for you to launch from their ‘gears’.
Learn more about the pricing here.
The official OpenShift blog is full of tutorials, guides and other juicy information that will help you get going quickly. Most importantly, yes, it does support free Django hosting!


Heroku - Cloud Application Platform
This platform is the perfect example of successful growth, over the last couple of years Heroku has become the place to go to when someone is looking to launch a new startup or a business. It provides incredibly cloud facilities and the server performance is really great, especially when it’s free!
It has now grown, and offers a ton of enterprise capabilities and plans for large companies that need infrastructure that can scale, we’re after Django hosting! You can head over to the Heroku’s own ‘Getting Started with Django‘ guide and learn how to setup a fully functional Django installation on your Heroku node.


Gondor — Effortless Python Hosting from Idea to Launch
This is actually not a free platform / service, and will require a payment of $10 per month (cheap!) to have a server setup for you. It comes with a set of options you can choose from, in case you want to deploy different types of applications, see the pricing here.
I included Gondor because I know it’s being run by a team of Django developers, who love what they do and know their way around Django development very well, you can expect the highest quality service from some of the best there are.
check out the comment section for a chance to get $20 free credit from Gondor

Platforms for Free Django Hosting

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