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Sunday 21 December 2014

all about software engineering how to be a developer

  • correct use of the standard libraries and
  • some times you need individual solutions.
You should be able to analyze your own or others code. The Big-O-Notation is the standard method to describe the expected consumption of time or memory depending from the number of data. [3]


Top 10 Living Software Engineers in the World Today

  1. Steve McConnell – He wrote the bible, Code Complete.  Enough said. (Age:50)
  2. Linus Torvalds – He wrote and is the architect for one of the most used operating systems ever, Linux.  Oh, he did Git also. (Age: 43)
  3. Kent BeckTDD, Agile Manifesto Signatory, jUnit, XP. (Age: 52)
  4. Barry Boehm – Software Economics, COCOMO, Spiral Development (Age: 78)
  5. David Parnas – Invented Information hiding and de-coupling. (Age: 72)
  6. Grady Booch – Helped invent UML and RUP.  Seminal person in Software Architecture. (Age: 58)
  7. Martin FowlerAgile Manifesto Signatory, Refactoring, and wrote the classic Patterns of Enterprise ApplicationArchitecture. (Age: 50)
  8. Tim Berners-Lee – Invented the WWW for heaven’s sake. (Age: 57)
  9. Fred Brooks – Wrote THE classic, Mythical Man-Month and also a Turing award (Nobel Prize of Computing) winner. (Age: 81)
So, you’ll probably notice the list only has nine people (if you read this far).  I’ve included the best for last because he is also the most controversial.
Bill Gates (Age: 57)



8. Drupal Developer

drupal developer

Salary: $100,000 to $130,000

Desirable skills: 3+ years experience with Drupal

9. User Experience/User Interface Developers

user experience engineer

Salary: $110,000 to $130,000

Desirable skills: UX or UI experience,  HTML5/CSS3/JS + Ability to use tools such as Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, LucidChart or Visio to produce high-level user interaction flows

10. Augmented Reality Developeraugumented reality developer


Salary: $115,000 to $130,000

Desirable skills:  ARToolKit, Unity3D, Vuforia and Metaio

11. Big Data Engineer

big data engineer

Salary: $125,000 to $145,000

Desirable skills: Hadoop, Netezza and Cloudera.

12. IT Project Manager

IT project manager

Salary: $110,000 to $150,000

Desirable skills3+ years experience in managing team (work experience as Teamlead, SCRUM Master or similar)

  1. Big Data

Big data’s is a definitely a buzzword, with no doubt. However now it’s also quickly becoming big business – from “nice to have” technology in last years, nowadays it evolved to “must have”  As many companies tries to turn consumer data into usable and actionable intelligence that will help them reduce costs and increase profits. Jobs requiring expertise in R, NoSQL, and MapReduce held high positions in salary rankings at around $115,000 annually, and other big data-related platforms and skills aren’t far behind.
  • Hot Big Data Skills: MapReduce | Hadoop | R | HBase | NoSQL

  1. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing was most probably buzzword of 2014. Whenever you look you can see cloud implementations. Perhaps you might be even a little tired of the term “cloud”, unless you’re in the job market, of course. Employers seem to understand and appreciate role of IT professionals with serious cloud computing skills, and they’re paying accordingly. For example, OpenStack experts currently draw an average salary of $107,000 per year.
  • Hot Cloud Skills: OpenStack | Cloudera | Azure | Amazon Web Services

  1. Information Security

Unlike Big Data and Cloud Computing, Security is mature subject. However still as much important as it was always and it doesn’t seem to change anyhow soon. In fact, many experts expect information security needs to increase as more and more devices — wearable technologies, appliances, cars, you name it — go online. Security remains a one of the most important challenge for businesses, governments, and individuals. If you know how to help protect those devices and/or the networks they operate on, you can be confident that most probably you will get new offering every week or so.
  • Hot Security Skills: Intrusion Detection | Intrusion Protection | Familiarity with operating consoles like Cisco ASA, Checkpoint, and Palo Alto

  1. Project Management

There will be always need for smart people who can manage complex, evolving technology, team of people and deliver within given time.  As number of carried IT project still growths demand for good managers increases simultaneously. As such, these people get paid well, very well. These days six-figure salaries are more of standard.  Especially if you know similar areas like Scrum, Kanban, and Waterfall.
  • Hot Project Management Skills: CMMI | Lean | Change Management

  1. Mobility

Mobile went wild. Today everything has its mobile versions – starting with websites, blogs, through games, application to end with dedicated apps only for devices with small screen. Therefore mobility experts and application developers are in high demand.  Candidates who have expertise on multiple mobile platforms are hired much faster however “multiple” has concrete value in theses case which is 2 – Apple iOS and Google’s Android as these two giants combine to power more than 90% of mobile devices.
  • Hot Mobility Skills: iOS and Android App Development | Mobile Security | Device Management

  1. Operating Systems

The old IT joke says that there are only 10 types of people. (If you don’t know answer let me explain that 10 is binary presentation of number 2, which means that there are actually only 2 kinds of people – these which understand binary presentation and which don’t). If would have ask first group (no-binary) which is the most common operating system probably their answer was Windows, or sometimes OS X. The other group knows that most of the servers run under Unix-based operating systems. If you know how to administrate Oracle, Solaris or HP blades you can easily earn around $105 000.
  • Hot OS Skills: Solaris 10/11 | Oracle SPARC | HP-UX 11i v3 & 11i v2 | TOGAF/ITIL/SOA frameworks | Virtualization

  1. Programming& Software Development

Although the most desirable languages sometimes change – programming remains a fundamental skill for IT, no doubt on that. To give you some insight on what is demand, according to IT recruiters conducted more than 1 300 000 social media queries for candidates with knowledge of MS/SQL in February ’14 only! In the same time Software engineer were searched more than 1 600 000 times…
  • Hot Programming & Development Skills: UML | Puppet | JDBC | Objective C

  1. Bonus“Soft” Skill: Fluency in Business-Speak

There was always a gap between IT and business department, therefore ability to speak “business” – the natural language for management, marketing, sales and other functional areas – will distinguish the IT stars from the rest of clerks. Combined with deep technical knowledge of one or more of mentioned above skills will ensure you long term assignment.
On the other hand, translation is usually needed in both directions. If you can clearly explain functional requirements to your strictly technical team you can also expect boost in your career. As information security executive J. Wolfgang Goerlich recently said: “The ability to effectively communicate never goes out of style. […] soft skills make or break your IT career.”
  • Hot Soft Skills: Presenting IT Topics to Non-IT Staffers | Writing | Public Speaking | Leadership | Team-Building
8 Desired Skills (2)

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