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Thursday 15 January 2015

best business ideas entrepreneur how to save and invest money in india
You can run bookkeeping or accounting business from your home. If you
are well acquainted with bookkeeping, accounting processes, and
accounting standards, you can look for bookkeeping jobs that can be done
 from your residence. You need a computer with Internet connection and
some accounting software packages that you need to install in your PC.<br /><br />

Daycare Center</h4>
Daycare Center is an excellent business choice which necessitates a
trivial amount of investment. The most attractive part of this business
is that you can do it from your house. In addition, there is no
requirement to make a huge investment on infrastructure. The things you
have to purchase include books, toys, and games for the kids. The other
things are there in your home. Nonetheless, you might have to redesign
your home as per the requirements of the kids. A number of safety
measures needs to be adopted such as keeping electrical devices in a
place which is inaccessible to the kids and meshing the veranda.<br /><br />

Nevertheless, to operate a daycare center profitably, some experienced
and qualified professionals should be employed who can manage and
comprehend the requirements of the kids.<br /><br />

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Consultation is a good business choice to start with a nominal amount of
 investment. You can work as a financial consultant or a real estate
consultant if you have the requisite qualifications and expertise. As a
financial consultant, you can guide people on doing the right investment
 at the right time. As a real estate consultant, you can help people in
buying and selling of real estate. Other types of consultancies such as
architectural and home design consultancies are gaining popularity.  

How to Save Money in India?

Interest Rates on Savings Account

Deposit Type Name of Bank Offered Interest Rate
Saving YES Bank 7%
Saving Kotak Bank 5.50%
Saving Ratnakar Bank 5.50%
Saving All Other Banks 4%

9. Save huge money by Planning Taxes

Our target is to save every bit possible from our salary. By planning our taxes we save a good deal of money from salary. Let me give you an example to explain how much we can save by planning our taxes. Small savings like these can make hell of a difference in long term. In India, rules allow us to save money from salary as listed below:U/s 80C – Over all exemption is Rs 100,000/year
(Investment in ELSS, PPF, NSC, LIC, Home Loan Principal etc)
U/s 80D – Over all exemption is Rs 15,000 (Rs 20,000 for Senior Citizen)
(Health insurance for Self, family, dependent parents)
U/s 80E – 100% interest on education Loan is exempted from Income Tax
(Education loan taken for higher studies of self, spouse, children)
Examples Income per Year Tax Saving Tax Payable Savings/ year compared to Ex. 1
80C 80D 80E
1 500,000 0 0 0 28,840 0
2 500,000 10,000 0 0 27,810 1,030
3 500,000 30,000 0 0 25,750 3,090
4 500,000 50,000 0 0 23,690 5,150
4 500,000 75,000 0 0 21,115 7,725
5 500,000 100,000 0 0 18,540 10,300
6 500,000 100,000 15,000 0 16,995 11,845
7 500,000 100,000 15,000 25,000 14,420 14,420

10. Develop these Small-Saving-Habits

When it comes to long term savings, even small savings make a big difference. Lets see some small savings habits that we can implement in our day to day life:
  • Driving a diesel car will save you Rs20/liter compared to Petrol. Driving a CNG car will save Rs 35/liter compared to petrol.
  • Buying groceries in bulk from places like D-Mart can reduce your monthly bill by about 3-5%.
  • Instead of buying new books to read, try a smart phone app that provides free audio-books. This can save at least Rs500 per month.
  • When you leave your house switch-off electrical appliances. Never leave chargers/TV/Phone/Music/Laptops/Microwaves on standby mode. This itself will reduce your electricity bill by nearly 3%
  • Buy clothes in bulk on those February month SALE. Idea shall be to buy all news clothes for that year in February (as far as possible). Use these new clothes as and when the occasion comes. This can save you nearly 30-50% of cost you spend annually on clothing’s.
  • Try jogging early morning in open air. This can reduce your gym bill by Rs20,000 anually.
  • Before you swap your credit card, ask yourself if you had to pay by cash, would you have paid for this purchase? Generally because we are using credit cards, we buy things we cant afford. This small habit of self checking ca reduce your unnecessary purchases by 5-10%.
  • Plan your annual vacations in advance. Book air tickets 3-4 months in advance. Do hotel bookings 3-4 months in advance.


Best Dividend Paying Stocks in India

Top 15 Stocks (Lump Sum Dividend)

SL Company Average Dividend in Last 5Years (Rs.Cr.)
1 ONGC 7,828.28
2 CIL 7,630.02
3 TCS 4,424.16
4 ITC 3,940.06
5 NTPC 3,809.39
6 Infosys 2,721.60
7 RIL 2,484.33
8 HUL 2,252.18
9 IOC 2,058.90
10 NMDC 1,986.32
11 Hero MotoC 1,537.83
12 Wipro 1,505.40
13 BHEL 1,249.52
14 OIL INDIA 1,191.45
15 Bajaj Auto 1,157.47

Top 15 Stocks (Dividend Paid / Share)

SL Company AVERAGE DIV. (5Y)
1 Hero MotoC 77.01
2 Bosch 64.00
3 Nestle 48.50
4 Infosys 47.46
5 Bajaj Auto 44.00
7 PAGE IND. 38.80
10 OIL INDIA 34.10
11 MRF 30.99
12 Asian Paints 30.06
13 ACC 28.30
15 BLUE DART 25.00


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