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Thursday 8 January 2015

how to earn money online

Android app Expense Manager: This app will help you to manage your financial expenditure. You can keep track of all the expenses in this app and at the end of the month you can analyses your data. This will help you to save some money and helps you to do effective financial planning.

1. Mini Course Formula:

Use Mini Course formula by Patric Chan. This is an awesome piece of information which will teach the step by step way to start making money. If you have a desire to make money online and start working from home now, using mini-course is the most beneficial way to do just that because you don’t need to “sell”.

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How to Earn money by clicking ads using clixsense.

how to use clickbank step by step

Why you need passive income?

Most of us are working in corporate industry where jobs are not secure. It depends on market whenever it will go down lot of people will lose their jobs. To sustain during jobless period either we have enough saving to survive till you get new job or depend on other source. If you have already build your passive income stream then you don’t have to worry, you can survive and take care of your family. But, if you don’t have any other income source. Will you do?
  • 10 Awesome digital product
This is the question I always used to ask myself. I always used to think that I have to do something to build a passive income stream. At least I should build a business which will help me to generate some amount of money on regular basis.
Anyone thought of a life without tension and worries. Just spending time with family, and no need to worry about money. Yes, we can think of this kind of life but we need to build a passive income stream to reach that state.
I suggest everyone to start working on building passive income stream and secure your future. Explore passive income ideas and build a stable business.
There is lots of passive income opportunity available using that you can start building your passive income. It depends on you either you choose offline ways or online ways.
Once you setup your business for income source, you will get money automatically. The most difficult part is to decide what you are going to do? What is your business plan? Who can I start?
To make it simple I can suggest you some passive income ideas which you can implement.

1. Stock Market/Shares

Stock market is one of the best ways to build a passive income stream. You have to buy shares of companies of different sectors and keep it for long time. Once they start making profit they will give you dividend. But you have to do a proper research and understand how stock market works. You can take help of any stock market expert or any financial advice who can help you to select the stocks.
Stocks Basics: Introduction

2. Build an Apartment

If you can invest now for your future, building an apartment is great option. Buy a land and construct an apartment with 30-40 flats. I know this requires lot of money, but keep in mind that you are building a passive income stream so If you can’t spend much now, you can start with small house and start adding flats as you get money. From flats you can generate rent every month for your lifetime. If you have taken loan to build house, you can use some amount of rent to pay-off loan. I know lots of people who are just surviving on apartment rent money.

3. Selling Business

Start selling something in your locality. Pick any products which are in demand. You can choose from gadgets, mobile, clothes etc. Start selling in fewer prices for some period to get more customers and build your business. Build a network once you become popular, start introducing new products. You can sell products online also. Online selling has a great potential. You can generate lot of money by selling products online. Use Ebay to sell your product online and lot of other sites are providing facility to sell products in their site.
21 Quick Tips to Sell More Products Online

4. Open a Restaurant

Open a restaurant and serve great food to your customers in great price. You know that foodies are everywhere and they can pay more for good food. You can make your restaurant famous by serving good food in great price. Once you start getting lot of customers can open branches at other places. You can generate enough money with multiple branches of your restaurant.
How to Start a Restaurant

5. Online Business

If you are a techie then online business is best option for you. You can build your website in any niche and make money online. Write articles around your niche topic. Once you get enough traffic start monetize your websites using advertises such as Google Adsense. You will start generating money through your website. More visitors more money. You can generate passive income while you are sleeping. There are lots of other online ways also available but make a website is the best option.

6.MLM Rankings updates occur monthly and are reflected as soon as new metrics and data become available.

Top Companies Popularity % Comparison Graph
Avon 7.80%
Pampered Chef 6.87%
Origami Owl 5.74%
Mary Kay Cosmetics 3.83%
Thirty-One 3.38%
Herbalife International 3.02%
Advocare International 2.89%
Scentsy 2.86%
Young Living Essential Oils 2.81%
Amway 2.68%

4. Shopkick:

You will be rewarded for going to any shop at your place and buying any stuff.
Points will be called as kicks in shopkich. You will be rewarded in 3 different ways walkin to any store, scanning item and buying a product. Kicks can be redeem using gift cards.
Per 250 kicks worth $1. There is a reward shop available in app where you can redeem your kicks.

TapCash Rewards

5. TapCash:

You will get credits in TapCash for downloading and installing Apps and Games in your mobile.
You have to install app then download games and apps and earn credits.
Also you will get 600 credits for referring your friends. Credits can be redeeming through Amazon gift cards or PayPal cash.
Earn money is rated 4/5 in Google App store.


6. iPoll:

iPoll website is already available in internet. They have launched iPoll App which will help mobile users to earn.
Basically iPoll is a survey site and pays you for providing your opinion. You buy a product and provide your opinion or review and you will get paid.
Visit any place and provide your opinion you will get paid. This app is easy to use and you can earn lot of money if you spend some time in it.
iPoll is rated 3.5/5 in Google app store.

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